April 25, 2014

Dr. Brad Reed

Dr. Brad Reed, Second Nature

Dr. Brad Reedy has over 15 years of clinical experience and 12 years as a wilderness therapist. He orchestrates all Second Nature programs, Webinars and National Parent Meetings. Dr. Reedy recently was appointed to the Utah DCFS Board by Governor Huntsman to contribute to program oversight and legislation for child protection services. Dr. Reedy has been a member of NATSAP from its inception in 1998. His most recent contribution to NATSAP includes his attendance and assisting in the organization of the Washington DC lobbying trip to meet with varies congressmen. Dr. Reedy, along with the many other NATSAP attendees, represented our industry sharing how NATSAP can have a positive influence on the creation of the “Miller Bill” and the importance of what should and shouldn’t be included in the bill. Dr. Reedy’s vision of NATSAP is to continue to strengthen our organization of therapeutic schools and programs with the highest standards and expectations. To continue to be involved with state and national government regulation and to work with them in creating a greater overall oversight of programs. His vision is to continue to support NATSAP in improving the quality of programs and schools by expecting safe environments that will assist students in need to an expectable standard.

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