April 20, 2014

Sidney F. Parham

Sidney F. Parham, Ph. D., Family Foundation School – Co-Owner

Sidney F. ParhamDuring Sid’s career, he has worked with a wide variety of students in a variety of settings. He has taught middle school in Botswana with the Peace Corps, worked at a variety of colleges, been a college administrator, and for the past seven years been a teacher and administrator at The Family Foundation School. Over the last five years Sid has been heavily involved with NATSAP work, serving on the education and membership committees. This fall Sid resigned from the membership committee in order to take an assignment on the Public Policy committee. Hard as previous boards have worked—and they have worked very hard—Sid thinks the next three years may be the most challenging to our organization and to our industry. These challenges will come from both state and national legislatures. Sid’s experience and knowledge of NATSAP programs gleaned over these five years of committee work should allow him to contribute to the important work that lies ahead.

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