April 21, 2014

The Miracles of the Journal for Therapeutic Schools and Programs

Dr. Michael Gass, Ph.D.


Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Journal for Therapeutic Schools and Programs (JTSP). The purpose of this Journal is to publish written work that will assist professionals in therapeutic schools and programs in providing comprehensive care for adolescents, young adults, and families. In approaching this task as Editor, I feel incredibly fortunate to be supported by such a strong combination of professionals in the roles of Associate Editor, Board of Directors, Journal Production Staff, Editorial Advisory and Review Board members, Editorial Assistants, as well as current and prospective authors. Such a strong base of support certainly makes the daunting task of facilitating the development of a new professional journal less ominous and more enjoyable.

But in undertaking such an endeavor, the proverbial question concerning the “why” or “purpose” of such a journal needs to be asked. Is it appropriate to invest all of these talented and dedicated human resources, let alone the financial resources, to this new undertaking? What will such a journal “do” and what difference will it make? Certainly if the development of such a journal does not lead to a positive outcome, we and the field would be better off investing our efforts and talents elsewhere.

When examining such a basic but critically fundamental question, several thoughts came to mind that have contributed to the conception and direction of the JTSP. In many ways and by many people, a “miracle question” strategy (e.g., de Shazer, 1988) was use to direct this process as well as to examine the potential outcomes of the Journal. Our miracle question went something like, “Say one night, while you are asleep, there was a miracle and a professional journal appeared what provided incredibly valuable information and direction to the field of therapeutic schools and programs? What would it look like? What would it do? What critical questions would it seek to answer and how would it accomplish this task?

[The questions are considered, reviewed and answered in the remainder of the article.]

To purchase Volume I, Edition I of the Journal submit a Request for JTSP to the NATSAP office.

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