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The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) was created in 1999 to serve as a national resource for programs and professionals assisting young people with emotional or behavioral difficulties. Since its inception we have grown from the 7 founding members to our current membership of more than 150 residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs, outdoor therapeutic programs, and young adult programs. Additionally, we number several hundred individual members encompassing allied professionals, educational consultants, and program staff members.

NATSAP was founded to provide opportunities for private therapeutic programs and schools to collaborate, share information, exchange ideas and develop collegial relationships. NATSAP is an organization comprised of professionals striving to uphold ethical and best practice standards.

NATSAP is not a referral or placement agency. We are a volunteer membership organization supporting professionals and programs in their efforts to help troubled young people. NATSAP does not provide oversight of our member programs, believing that responsibility lies with the licensing and accrediting agencies.

As we continue to lead our association with effective and innovative membership services, we are excited to announce that NATSAP’s Membership Committee and Board of Directors have widened our scope by creating new membership categories and redefining our current levels of membership. These new categories will broaden our NATSAP family and expand the exchange of ideas and information. Moving forward, we ask you to spread the word of all NATSAP membership categories throughout your professional community. To view member services provided by NATSAP, please click here.

(Membership runs from July 1 thru June 30 annually.)

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We advocate by uniting members around the country to work on the most important issues facing the profession.

We initiate and manage programs with governmental and non-governmental agencies, presenting industry positions and supporting documentation on key issues.