NATSAP Covid-19 Update

We are proceeding with our small in-person regional events and we would love to see you there! NATSAP is strongly recommending that only fully vaccinated people attend our conferences. Those who are not fully vaccinated or are uncomfortable with traveling at this time are welcome to attend any of our virtual offerings (ex: our monthly Conversations and Community Roundtables and our soon to be announced virtual frontline staffer training). While NATSAP will not be mandating vaccines at our events at this time*, that could change in the future.

At this moment, we will follow all state/local guidelines concerning social distancing, mask wearing, and other standards as necessary. NATSAP will continue to be flexible in offering refunds or credit for future conferences as we want to encourage our attendees to feel comfortable attending our events. We have had three in-person events since the start of the pandemic and due to our attendees and members being so diligent with protecting themselves and others, we have had no instances of anyone reporting feeling ill after an event.

*At this moment, there is a Texas Executive Order (and there might soon be others in different states) that declares that asking for this type of information can negatively affect grants, loans, contracts, and other disbursements of taxpayer money. This language is expected to be legally challenged but it stands for now.