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NATSAP offers a variety of Public Relations resources for our members including webinars and toolkits. To access these documents, you must be signed into the NATSAP Member Portal, and if you have any questions about logging in, contact [email protected]. Check out both documents below! 

Public Relations Toolkit

Crisis Communications Toolkit


There will be an upcoming Public Relations webinar series offered to members and non-members, starting at our 2022 Annual Conference in Tucson, AZ in January. Please mark your calendar for the three-part series! 

  • Part One: Weathering the Storm: The Role of Messaging in a Crisis- January @ Annual
    • In the current environment, it’s important that your NATSAP school or program has messaging that defines your brand. These messages should reflect your school or program’s mission and objectives. Putting these messages in place and ensuring that your leaders and staff are familiar with them may help you weather the stormy seas of a crisis. In this session, Sheri Singer, NATSAP’s PR consultant, will guide you through the process of how to create key and sub-messages, the do and don’ts for great message development, and how these messages may provide your school or program a sense of security during a crisis.
  • Part Two: Life Preserver: Saving Your Reputation After a Crisis with Karen Doyne and Sheri Singer - March 23 @ 1pm ET
    • In this one-hour webinar, NATSAP’s Crisis Management Expert, Karen Doyne and NATSAP’s PR Consultant, Sheri Singer, will discuss the three phases of a crisis and explain why the last phase—long-term reputation—is the most important. In this session, the experts will explain how your actions before and during a crisis need to be laser focused on managing your school or program’s long-term reputation. [NOTE: This webinar will be a hybrid model. Sheri will present for 10 minutes, Karen will present for 10 minutes, then a moderator will ask questions for 20 minutes.]
  • Part Three: Neutralizing Negative Social Media Posts with Jill Kurtz and Sheri Singer- June 22 @ 1pm ET
    • In this one-hour webinar, a NATSAP staff member will moderate a panel discussion with Jill Kurtz, Social Media Expert, Sheri Singer as they discuss practical tips on how to combat negative social media posts

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