Upcoming DEI Roundtables

Welcome back!

We are excited to get back into the swing of our DEI roundtables this fall. Going forward, we'll see a change in our roundtable structures with some exciting new activities and discussions planned for our participants. Throughout the hour, we will be given some concepts/perspectives that may help reframe our thinking around DEI and then break out into groups to practice applying them.
The goal for these roundtables is to provide a myriad of tools for you to utilize when it comes to your own DEI journey rather than to supply you with a singular view on how to think about DEI. Our DEI committee members are not experts and therefore feel we cannot “tell” or “instruct” you on how to incorporate DEI into your personal/professional lives, but rather share tools, resources, and perspectives that have helped us as we navigate threading DEI throughout our lives and programs.

October's DEI Roundtable

Topic: Microaggressions

  • First half: Learn about microaggressions and how to speak up
  • Last half: Breakout rooms- Role play real life scenarios on how to speak up


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If you sign up, try and invite two friends/colleagues to sign up with you! And please let your staff know about these roundtables- the more the merrier!

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