Call for Webinar Proposals

Do you have an idea for a webinar that would be beneficial for the NATSAP audience? Would you like to share your knowledge in a particular subject area? If so, we encourage you to contribute to our Call for Webinar Proposals.

NATSAP offers webinars each year on a range of topics in the healthcare field. We invite you to help us develop webinars that will benefit both members and non-members. Whether you are a veteran presenter for NATSAP, a past webinar attendee, or new to NATSAP or the field, if your work is connected to research ethics, we want to hear from you! The information provided below is intended to serve as a guide to our Call for Webinar Proposals. If you have any additional questions about the submission process, please email


We need a wide variety of topics to be presented in a one-hour webinar format for an audience of front-line staff, clinicians and other therapeutic professionals in the United States.

While we are always looking for great programs on a variety of topics, we have an urgent need for programs in the following topic areas:

  • Accreditation process for programs
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Secondary Trauma
  • Self-care
  • Marketing
  • Supporting and developing staff





Submit a Proposal

Learning Level

We are looking for webinar proposals at intermediate and advanced levels, as defined below, that incorporate active learning techniques. Please indicate the level of your proposed webinar on the submission form.


  • The intermediate webinar assumes working knowledge of the topic, basic concepts and principles, or regulations. Intermediate-level webinars are geared toward those looking to expand their knowledge and skill set beyond fundamentals to more complex or nuanced aspects of the topic.


  • Assume mastery of central ethical concepts and principles, regulations, and the processes of applying them to the day-to-day work of protocol review or other research oversight activities, and
  • Provide attendees with in-depth knowledge of an area and a robust set of skills for addressing difficult problems and navigating "grey areas" related to the topic, improving and use of programs, shaping their institutional cultures, or advancing their careers. Webinars will make heavy use of active learning techniques, including case studies and polling questions. These sessions will not review basic concepts.


Most of our webinars have a running time of 60 - 90 minutes, involve one or two speakers who represent the perspectives of different institutions and/or backgrounds, and cover complementary aspects of a given topic. We are accepting proposals for both types of format.

  • If you would like to present alone: Your estimated presentation time is around 45 minutes with the remaining time spent on introductions and a Q&A session. Please submit a proposal for a topic you can adequately cover in this amount of time.
  • If you would like to co-present with another speaker: Your estimated total presentation time is roughly 25-30 minutes per speaker with the remaining time spent on introductions and a Q&A session. Please submit a proposal for a topic that two presenters can adequately and comfortably cover in this amount of time, and indicate both presenters' names in the proposal, if applicable.

Please note: NATSAP is committed to representing diverse viewpoints and honors this commitment through pairing webinar presenters from different backgrounds and institutional and/or organizational affiliations. The opportunity to present is open to both members and nonmembers.