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How does a NATSAP Program/School obtain the Research Designated Program (RDP) designation?

 Obtaining the RDP Designation:

  1. A program/school who wishes to obtain the RDP designation must collect 70% outcome research data from all admissions over a period of at least 6 months prior to applying for the designation.  (Completion of A., B., and C. of the Annual Report for NATSAP Research Designated Program Form).


    • Please note that the RDP Form provides space to indicated data collection for the calendar year of 2014 and 2015. If you have data for 2014 and 2015, please indicate so. However, a minimum of a 70% data collection rate of admissions for a period of at least 6 months is required to obtain the RDP designation.
    • Programs/Schools have the option to contribute to the NATSAP Outcome Research by employing the YOQ/OQ instrument or using an alternative outcome instrument that may be better suited for the clinical profile of the clients.  Such a measure will require NATSAP Research Committee approval and the verification that an Ethics Review Board has approved the research protocol.


  2. There are a small number of NATSAP programs/schools that have conducted outcome research for years without the specific goal of collecting data on 70% of all admissions. Such programs are encouraged to apply and supply a description of their research protocol together with the percentage of admissions data they have collected. In such cases, The Research Review Committee can award the initial RDP designation. However, to maintain the RDP designation, the 70% collection threshold must be maintained in the future.

Application Process 

  1. NATSAP Programs/Schools who wish to become a Research Designated Program (RDP) will complete the Annual Report for NATSAP Research Designated Program Form.


  2. The completed form is to be forwarded to Dr. Mike Gass, at the University of New Hampshire (


  3. All Annual Reports will be forwarded by Dr. Gass to the Chairperson of the Research Committee (currently; Dr. John Santa).


  4. Five members from the Research Committee, serve as RDP Evaluating Team. (For the 2016 calendar year, those members are:  Dr. John Santa, Dr. Laura Mills, Dr. Ellen Behrens, Mike Petree, and Dr. Mike Gass). This team will evaluate each application, and forward the applications to the home office.

    * Some applications may require clarification. If so, the RDP Evaluation Team will resolve such questions with the respective program/school.


  5. The Executive Director will notify the respective program/school in writing of the approval or denial of the application. Approved programs are then permitted to use the RDP seal in their marketing material and the RDP seal will be added to their program page in the next printing of the NATSAP Directory.

Maintaining RDP Status

  1. Each year, following obtaining the initial RDP designation, a program/school that wishes to maintain the RDP designation will have to submit an annual report to the chair of the NATSAP RDP Evaluation Team (Dr. John Santa, Montana Academy;
  2. The report must reflect the following collection rate: 
  3. a) 70% of admission data
    b) 50% of discharge data
    c) a report of the percentage of post-discharge data with an aspiration goal, but not a firm requirement of 20-50% of post discharge data.

  4. The processing of the report will be in the same manner as described in initial application process.