Current NATSAP Research and Projects

New RDP Standards

The RDP is a NATSAP endorsement designed to acknowledge programs that track outcomes using a normed and valid measure that is designed as an outcomes measure. There are three levels:

  • Bronze = 70% of Admit census sampled
  • Silver = Bronze + 70% of discharge data
  • Gold = Silver + 25% of 6 & 12 months post discharge data

The Golden Thread is HERE!

The Golden Thread is a comprehensive, integrated research software program that will weave its way with the client through all treatment processes. As a secondary benefit, it would join together the multiple professionals found in IECA, TCA, NATSAP, OBHC, and other supporting programs. Involving educational consultants will result in access to collecting data on clients who seek consulting services but do not end up using a program. Learn how you can be a part of the future of research at NATSAP!

Link to Golden Thread Webinar

If you want to do a study in addition to the NATSAP Practice Research Network please consider the following important information:

  • You must have approval from an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to collect data at your program that you intend to publish. (If you use data only internally to inform you treatment process you do not need to do this).
  • If your program is an RDP and/or collects data as part of the NATSAP PRN, you are already "covered" by the University of New Hampshire's IRB for those specific measures associated with the PRN.
  • If you want to do a study that goes in a different direction from the NATSAP PRN, you would need to have IRB approval.
  • University IRBs require that their faculty are listed as lead investigators on the study proposals.
  • Research Scientists and the NATSAP research committee members want to help you do your research at you program. To get connected to these resources please contact Micheal Gass, Ph.D. or Anita Tucker, Ph.D. at University of New Hampshire if you would like to start a new research study. They can put you in touch with university professors who can sponsor an IRB application at their universities.
  • Most universities have an IRB.