Ashcreek Ranch Academy

652 North Shady Lane
Toquerville, UT 84774
(435) 215-0500
Year Founded
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Program Type
Residential Treatment Center
Executive Contact
Darren L. Prince
Admissions Contact
Tammy P. Behrmann
Academic Contact
Boyd Prince
Is College Prep Available?
Boys Only (undefined)
Individual Psychotherapy Available?
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Is Financial Aid Available?
Are you Nonprofit or For Profit?
For Profit
Are you SEVIS Approved?
Ashcreek Ranch Academy (ARA) is the experience of Enhancing Character, Accepting Challenge and
Understanding Community Living. We are passionate about creating and maintaining an unsurpassed
experiential environment where young men are given the tools and skills needed to succeed emotionally,
mentally, physically, and academically. What makes us unique is the integration of our therapists
participating alongside the students on a daily basis in all aspects of the program.
Ashcreek Ranch is a small personalized treatment program working with adolescent who are struggling
with emotional and behavioral issues such as Trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, substance abuse/use,
oppositional defiance, Family Issues, adoption issues, learning challenges, etc. Located at the edge of a
small rural community the campus has a beautiful home setting.
The ARA program was created by professionals with extensive experience who are committed to working
with teenage boys. The primary focus at ARA is to have a program which is unsurpassed in assisting
adolescent boys in becoming strong, independent and accountable young men. ARA is an individualized
program with small therapeutic case-loads and is operated based on the knowledge that success is
possible and with the right tools and information each student can learn to make new choices for a happy,
healthy and meaningful life.
Ashcreek Ranch combines an integrated and extensive clinical model, a challenging college prep
academic program focused on maximizing a student’s individual learning potential, a challenging sports,
physical fitness and adventure based program, community service which allows the students to build
character through serving and helping others, and a program designed to enhance their outlook on life.
Students at ARA participate in events such as horseback riding, skateboarding, mountain biking, scuba
diving, competitive sports, hiking, camping, competitions, and other outdoor adventure activities.
Age Range
13 - 17
Sevis Approved?
Average Student Stay
10 -12 months
Accreditation & Licensure Info
State of Utah, Office of Human Services - Residential Treatment; AdvancED, National Accreditation Commission; Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)
emotional or psychiatric issues (undefined), Social (undefined), Substance Abuse, Trauma
ADD/ADHD, ASD, Adoption/Attachment Issues, Anxiety, Bipolar, Depression
Grief, Learning Disability, Low Self-Esteem, OCD